Evolution Gaming is one of the most trusted and reliable gaming providers in the industry, providing players with an exciting and secure gaming experience. The Baccarat Controlled Squeeze game from Evolution Gaming is a variation on the classic baccarat game that uses high-end graphics and live dealers to create a more immersive and realistic gaming experience. The use of controlled squeeze technology allows players to enjoy the game without having to worry about the traditional complex card-counting associated with baccarat, allowing for a simpler yet still highly entertaining game experience. Additionally, Evolution Gaming provides the latest digital security measures to ensure that players' personal and financial data is safe and secure.

Evolution Gaming's Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is an online gaming experience that offers an interactive, suspenseful gaming experience for players in the comfort of their own home. The game combines the best of live baccarat with cutting-edge technology allowing players to enjoy the thrill of a squeeze. Baccarat Controlled Squeeze allows players to digitally squeeze the card to reveal it in slow-motion action, with dynamics set by the player. This unique game has been crafted with the utmost attention to detail, featuring soaring HD video quality, crystal-clear audio and ultra-realistic animations and graphics. Plus, with a choice of betting styles, side bets, detailed betting info and dynamic bet history, every player is certain to find a game tailored to his or her preference.

  • What are the main advantages of playing the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game from Evolution Gaming?
    1. Choice of Multiple Players: Baccarat Controlled Squeeze from Evolution Gaming features multi-player table settings that allow players to join up with other real players in an interactive and engaging gaming environment. 2. Immersive and Interactive Experience: The incorporation of a multi-angle camera view allows players to experience the game from different angles, creating an immersive atmosphere. 3. Unique ‘Controlled Squeeze’ Feature: The Controlled Squeeze feature gives players the opportunity to take part in the slow-motion moment of the game when the cards are revealed animate and bring it to life. 4. Roadmaps: The game includes a number of Roadmaps which allows players to identify trends and maximize their profits. 5. Roadmaps: The game also incorporates different side bet options such as Perfect Pairs, adding an extra element of excitement.
  • What types of bets are available in the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game?
    In the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game, players can make a range of bets including the Player, Banker, and Tie wagers. They can also bet on individual players' results, Place bets, and Big/Small bets.
  • Are there any special features or bonuses in the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game from Evolution Gaming?
    Yes, there are several special features and bonuses in the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze game from Evolution Gaming. These include live game stats and history, advanced analytics and reports, playcheck feature, an auto squeeze function, and a side bet called the Pairs Plus bet.
  • Does the house edge differ between the different game versions of Baccarat Controlled Squeeze from Evolution Gaming?
    Yes, the house edge can differ depending on the game version. The actual house edge depends on the number of decks used, the specific game rules, and the particular betting options available. Generally, the house edge for Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is around 1.06%, but it can range from as low as 0% to as high as 1.37% depending on the version.
  • What games does Evolution Gaming offer alongside the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game?
    Evolution Gaming offers an assortment of other casino games, including roulette, blackjack, poker, and other live dealer games. Additionally, they offer a variety of other baccarat games such as Baccarat Speed, No Commission Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Baccarat Super 6.
  • How do players interact with the game and other players when playing the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game?
    Players interact with the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game by using their mouse or touchscreen to interact with the game. Through the game window, players can make bets and place chips onto the table to denote the amount they wish to bet. The game window also provides players with detailed information on the game’s history, current status, current bet amounts, payouts, and more. They can also chat with each other using the in-game chat feature, which allows them to communicate with and strategize with their peers.
  • What payment methods are accepted when playing the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game from Evolution Gaming?
    Evolution Gaming accepts major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Neteller.
  • Is there a mobile version of the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game available from Evolution Gaming?
    No, currently Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is only available as an online game via Evolution Gaming's software platform.
  • What customer support options are available when playing the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game from Evolution Gaming?
    Evolution Gaming provides a variety of customer support options when playing the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game. These include live chat, email support, and telephone support. Additionally, they provide comprehensive FAQs with troubleshooting advice, as well as an exhaustive reference library with more detailed information and troubleshooting options.
  • How does the game's RNG system ensure fair and secure play when playing the Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slots game from Evolution Gaming?
    The fairness and security of Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Controlled Squeeze slot game is ensured through the use of a random number generator (RNG). The RNG is a certified algorithm that utilizes a sophisticated set of mathematical formulas to ensure that each card is randomly chosen for each hand. This ensures that no player will have an advantage over the others and that all game outcomes are completely random and unbiased. In addition, all game data is securely stored and is only accessible by Evolution Gaming’s security personnel. This ensures that no information can be accessed or manipulated by any third-party or malicious individual.

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How to Play: Rules, Settings & Options

Basic Info
Type Live Casino
RTP 0%
Developer Evolution
Year Published April 6th, 2021
Mobile-friendly Yes
Rating 5/5 (542)
Forecast 0%
Bonus Availability No
Autoplay -
Quick Spin -
Coin Levels -
Bet per Spin USD 0.10 – USD 100
Adjust Paylines -
Free spins -
Bonus Round -
Progressive -
Multiplier -
Gamble -
Reels -
Rows -
Paylines -
Lines Pay -
Both Ways -

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Live Casino RTP Overview

Big Wins Are Forward
Big Wins Are Straight Forward
Equal Win Chances
Closer to Big Wins
Big Wins Soon
Hottest Win Chances
Big Wins Are Forward
Hottest Win Chances
Big Win Forecast
Game RTP

If you have played slots online, you have no doubt come across the term RTP. It stands for Return to Player and it shows the theoretical percentage of all money wagered on the slot that is paid out to players as winnings. The RTP of online slots can vary greatly. Whilst some have a considerably low RTP of as little as 75%, others can reach up to the high nineties. The Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Live Casino RTP is 0%.

RTP indicates the overall profitability you can expect by playing, it does not tell the whole story. In fact, it tells you nothing at all about the variance. The experienced slot players amongst you are probably familiar with advanced slot concepts. Yet for those of you with a little less experience under your belt, let’s explain them in more detail. The Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Live Casino

Variance, often referred to as volatility, are one and the same thing. They explain the risk involved in playing a certain slot. Low volatility means low risk gameplay and high volatility means high risk. It gives you an understanding of how often wins are hit and how big those payouts are. When you play a high variance slot, wins are infrequent. Yet when you do win, the payouts tend to be big. Low variance slots on the other hand have a high hit frequency, with many smaller wins.

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Live Casino RTP BIG WIN FORECAST

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Live Casino RTP Overview

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Live Casino  (Evolution) Basic Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Live Casino 0%
Hawaii Surf Slots Lowest Known RTP 93% Crazy Starter Slots3 Highest Known RTP 99%

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